Purchase Your Retirement Home Before You Retire

Securing your retirement home is one of the most important aspects of successful retirement planning. But often when people are downgrading their home to transition to their retirement home, they often sell and buy in a very small window. This often means that they pay a premium for their retirement home. Exploring the purchase of the retirement home as early as possible gives people the opportunity to buy at the best time and price according to their needs and budget.


Help Your Children into their First Home

Most people understand the difficulties in being able to purchase any home, let alone buying that first home. One of the biggest challenges facing first home owners is that some feel that they may never be able to buy their first home. Working together with your children gives them the best opportunity to be able to make that first home purchase, both from a financial perspective and someone that they can listen to and trust. We can provide support to determine a comfortable level of affordability for your children, suitable property options that meet personal preferences and affordability criteria as well as the referral partners in accounting, planning and finance to ensure that you and your children receive the right information and advice.


Moving Interstate

Looking to move interstate to Queensland? We provide specialty help for interstate buyers to ensure their next home purchase will be the right one. From researching suitable suburbs, schools, public transport and acceptable distance to work, we have your covered. Our Agents visit all the suburbs we recommend, and provide detailed feedback and reports tailored to your requirements. We often communicate via zoom over tablet, computer or phone so we can show you property and suburb information from reports, photos and google maps. Best of all we can do this as quickly and as often as required whether it is in the evening after work, during your lunch break or on the weekends as it is convenient for you

Considering Property Investment For Your Future?

Property Investment, and making sure you receive your expected return has become more difficult in recent times. We provide expert consultation to understand your strategy, discuss your risk management plan, and provide suitable options that meet your criteria. Best of all we have partnered with a number trusted Accountants, Planners and Brokers to ensure you have the right information and advice to make the best decision for your future.

Foreign Investors

We have extensive experience assisting Foreign Investors in buying property here in Australia. We aim to accommodate our foreign investors through the innovative use of technology allowing us to communicate, display and experience the property options we have on offer without needing to fly and come down and meeting when it suits and is convenient for you. In addition we can guide and support foreign investors for any assistance they need regarding government requirements, finance requirements or accounting and legal requirements. We still support traditional face to face meetings and will accommodate investors who want to speak to us and see their properties in person.

What Type of Property is Suitable?

We deal with all types of property and work with you to understand the differences and which one might be best for you. From new and used, to house and land, established homes, town homes or units, we ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Best of all it costs nothing to talk to us and discuss your options.

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