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Which Property?

Updated: May 16, 2019

There are many different property types to suit each individual preference and financial situation. Personal preferences are equally important as financial performance as most property owners will feel more at ease if they purchase something that suits their personal preferences as well as meet the required financial performance.


Houses are individual dwellings that have their own individual land and are not attached to any other property. Houses can be as large as mansions but most houses are commonly made up of 3-5 bedrooms, with 1-3 bathrooms and 1-2 garage spaces for cars. Houses normally incur the usual rates and water expenses. In addition they will normally require building as well as contents insurance. Some houses in gated communities may also be subject to a small bodycorporate fee. Houses generally have a larger parcel of land and can accommodate a larger variety of families ranging from singles and couples to families with multiple children and pets. Upkeep is generally more as maintenance of gardens and pools can incur extra cost. Houses are located in suburbs and generally further away from the main city centres.

Dual Occupancy Houses

Dual Occupancy Houses are freestanding houses that have been built to be divided into two separate livable dwellings and can house 2 different family groups. Often they are at least 5 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 car homes with each section containing 2 or 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 1 car and their own separate kitchen.

Townhouses or Townhomes

Townhouses or Townhomes are smaller houses that are normally in gated communities that share a common wall with another dwelling. They are on a smaller parcel of land and are smaller in size to a traditional home. They will typically have between 2-4 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms with 1-2 garage spaces. They will be subject to the normal rates and water expenses, however will nearly always have a bodycorporate fee that will incorporate the insurance for the dwelling. Insurance for contents will be an additional cost. Singles, couples and small families are often attracted to this type of dwelling as it has minimal upkeep compared to a traditional house but more space than a unit. Townhouses are generally located close to city centres where there is access to public transport, shops and schools.


Units are found as part of a building with other units. As the name suggests Units are found within a building. There may be some common areas for eating, a gym or a pool. Units typically cater to singles, couples and small families, and often those that need to be near the main City and close to public transport, schools and shops. Units are typically 1-3 bedroom, though more commonly 1-2 bedroom, with 1-2 bathrooms . They may or may not have carspaces and often only have 1 carspace allotted to the unit.

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