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Our Process

Updated: May 16, 2019

One of our points of difference is the process by which we can provide the best possible property result for our clients. Utilising our wealth or knowledge and industry experience as well as our extensive support and referral partners, we aim to ensure that our clients preferences, needs and requirements are met with regards to a suitable property solution.

Step 1: Personal Preferences

We aim to ensure that we take your personal preferences into account as your personal likes will shape how satisfied you are with your property purchase and also ensure you are at east over the long term about your property choice. In addition to property type, we aim to look at location, rental appeal, shops, schools and unique property specifics to ensure we understand what properties may best suit your needs.

Step 2: Your Strategy

Everyone has an individual strategy when it comes to purchasing a property. Whether you are an experienced investor looking to minimise cashflow expenses, or whether you are chasing strong capital growth or a home owner looking for a first home and to pay down any property debt as quickly as possible we aim to understand your strategy and ensure that our property options meet your requirements.

Step 3: Affordability

We make sure we understand your level of personal affordability for both home and investment purchases when presenting properties that are suitable. In addition, we have finance and broker providers who can assess your affordability with lenders to ensure that you will be able to secure your required level of finance if required.

Step 4: Property Options

Once we have covered your personal preferences, strategy and affordability we will present property options that we can source that are suitable to your needs. What’s important to note is that this process may take a bit of time to find the right property for your needs. It is often best to take the time for the right deal then take a property that isn’t quite suitable. We will always encourage you to visit and inspect the properties and the surrounds in person but can provide video conferencing where required if you are unable to conduct a personal inspection

Step 5: Legal and Accounting Requirements

Once you have selected a property, you may need both legal and accounting support and advice as you peruse the contract of sale. We have professionals on hand that will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements with you to ensure any queries you may have are answered and addressed.

Step 6: Contract of Sale

An Expression of Interest will then be signed to hold the property and provide the details for the contract of sale. This will normally require a nominal holding deposit. A contract of sale will then be prepared with the full terms and conditions of the sale, including any clauses for finance and inspections. A deposit on contract signing and/or unconditional sale may be required and will be negotiated according to your requirements and individual circumstances.

If you are buying a house, a building insurance cover may be required to be in place depending on the state laws of the State in Australia you are purchasing the property.

Step 7: Finance

At this stage you will be looking at establishing your finance option for purchase if required. This will mean being in touch with the broker or your lender to finalise the finance application.

Step 8: Unconditional

At this stage, your finance has been approved and inspections conducted and the contract is unconditional. You are now just waiting for settlement for your property. Often this will require you to sign the finance paperwork to accept your loan, as well as any further documents required by your solicitor to affect settlement. Also during this time you may start to look at finalising a rental manager if required.

Step 9: Settlement

Your property has settled! Congratulations! The settlement date is when you officially own the property and can obtain the keys. For our investors, the letting agent will usually take the keys and start the process for tenanting the property out if this hasn’t been done so already.

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